#BeInconvenient Followers Should #BeInquisitive on Climate Change and Renewables and #LookB4ULeap says Friends of Science Society

“Carbon dioxide is not a control knob that can fine tune climate” – Judith Curry, Atmospheric Scientist, Georgia Tech

A review of the much-vaunted Jacobson Wind Water Solar (WWS) 100% renewable plan it was found that the “… underlying assumptions are unrealistic.”

Friends of Science Society is challenging the #BeInconvenient social media climate change movement that Al Gore is promoting via facebook and tumblr, posts suggesting that people should #BeInquisitive and apply the principles of the #LookB4ULeap Manifesto to evaluate renewable energy. The LOOK Manifesto, also known as #LookB4ULeap was developed by counter Naomi Klein’s LEAP Manifesto, which Friends of Science says would cause an energy crisis and economic catastrophe if implemented.    

The Al Gore “It’s time to #BeInconvenient” facebook posting of June 16, 2017 links to the “Inconvenient Sequel” tumblr site showing many images of wind farms. Friends of Science Society asks people to pledge to #BeInquisitive and investigate how much oil, gas and coal are used to create a single wind turbine; people should compare how much energy is produced after all that energy invested.

Prof. Michael J. Kelly of Cambridge University points out in his May 23, 2016 peer-reviewed study entitled “Lessons from technology development for energy and sustainability“, who says: “In energy terms the current generation of renewable energy technologies alone will not enable a civilized modern society to continue.” The report shows that a typical combined cycle natural gas plant produces seven times the energy of a wind farm that has the same energy invested in its construction and operation when including energy costs to account…

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