Behlman Announces That Its P-Series AC Power Source / Frequency Converters Are Recognized for Worldwide Operating Simplicity and Versatility

Behlman Model PF1352 Power Source/Frequency Converter provides fully adjustable voltage and frequency, low-output THD, high efficiency, excellent line and load regulation, and CE certification.

One of the most versatile, economical, easy-to-use power sources.

Hauppauge, New York, July 31, 2017 – Behlman Electronics, Inc., known for its leadership in providing power products for military, industrial, and commercial applications, has proven its Model PF1352 AC Power Source / Frequency Converter ideal for all these market segments. It delivers 1350 VA of clean, regulated AC power from a 3.5” high bench-top unit that easily converts to rack mount.

The Behlman Model PF1352 is microprocessor-controlled, and provides fully adjustable voltage and frequency, low output THD, and high efficiency, plus excellent line and load regulation. Its unique overload protection system folds back voltage to maintain rated current without distorting waveform output. It has settings and measurements for voltage, frequency, current, current limit, watts and power factor, plus fault indicators for over voltage, over current, over temperature, constant current and overload latch.

This unit can be controlled via front-panel pushbuttons, or remotely via its RS232 interface. Options include extended frequency range of 45 to 1000 HZ, an IEEE-48 interface or USB, Ethernet and RS-232 using SCPI protocol.

At only 3.5” H x 17” W x 22” D (8.9 cm x 43.2 cm x 55.9 cm) the Model PF1352 may be the most compact unit of its kind. It readily fits on a workbench, and an optional rack mount kit is also available.

“Our Model PF1352 is one of the most versatile power sources we have ever designed, and may be the most economical and easiest to use, as well. Users simply select the required frequency, choose a voltage range, dial up to the required voltage, and start testing.” said Behlman President, Ronald Storm. “Its small size, quiet operation, and high efficiency make it ideal for avionics tests, power conversion, and ATE testing. By providing power factor corrected input and meeting CE Certification standards, we have ensured that this frequency converter is an international product.”

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