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Before they were famous

What were they doing before they made it big?”>Fox News

Eric Stonestreet

Before Eric Stonestreet starred in “Modern Family,” the 45-year-old actor worked security at a Garth Brooks concert in his native Kansas. He shared his experience with fans on Instagram. For more photos of Stonestreet, visit



Jonathan and Drew Scott

Before these twin brothers were enteraining their fans on their various home design shows, Jonathan and Drew Scott worked as mall cops. “Jonathan and I briefly worked as mall cops in the late ’90s,” Drew Scott told Us Weekly.



Frieda Pinto

The 32-year-old “Slumdog Millionaire” actress previously played Teletubby Laa-Laa at children’s paries, prompting confusion that she may have starred in the UK-based children’s series. Spoiler: She didn’t.



Gwen Stefani

The multi-platinum recording artist from Orange County, Calif. was once “just a girl” mopping floors at the Dairy Queen.



Andrew Garfield

Before Andrew Garfield was “Spiderman,” the actor worked at a Starbucks in London. The Brit told Jimmy Kimmel he actually enjoyed his time working for the coffee chain.



Paget Brewster in ‘Strange America’

Before she starred in ‘Criminal Minds’ and ‘Community,’ Paget Brewster was in a sketch comedy show called ‘Strange America.’ One of their sketches starred Brewster as the lead singer of the band Gun Bunny, singing a song called ‘Killing Time’ in which she pranced around in a fur bikini. 

After the video was unearthed, Brewster tweeted: “What were you doing in 1994? @NonStopPop found me singing with fake hair in a homemade fur bikini. Enjoy…”?” 

Click to watch the hilarious “Killing Time” video.

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