Before the Sprint Cup Girls, There Was Miss Winston.

Miss Sprint Cup has developed into a brand, a fixture and a part of the NASCAR experience so near and dear to the Sprint Sponsorship. They are the goddesses of greatness for the Jimmie Johnson’s, Jeff Gordon’s and Tony Stewart’s of the track seek to be serenaded by amidst the parade and confetti on the victory road of Homestead. The Sprint Cup Girls have literally evolved into the Charlie’s Angels of the sport. Performing charity events, interviewing and getting inside the minds of the NASCAR drivers, not to mention with their top-notch journalistic integrity and social media expertise the ability to give useful information to Twitter to those following all the races. Miss Sprint Cup has certainly evolved in just a few years to a very essential part of The Sprint Cup experience.
 Of course The Sprint Cup Girls wasn’t the first try from the sponsor. Back in the day during heydays of greats like CaleYaborough, Dale Earnhardt Sr., Bill Elliot and Terry Labonte among others, there were the Winston Girls, Or Miss Winston, rather. During R.J. Reynolds Tobacco’s 33-year reign as the sponsor of NASCAR’s Elite Series, then the Winston Cup, Miss Winston—real name Marilyn Green—was a leggy girl from Winston-Salem who loved racing. She was THE Victory Lane kiss-girl. Eventually she handed over the crown to a legacy of 50 women. Miss Winston would walk around handing out smokes to people in the crowd—over 18 of course. There was only one rule for Miss Winston, no dating other drivers or crew members. Of course that would go on to prove impossible. Patti Petty married Kyle Petty and mother the late Adam Petty. Renee White would marry Daytona 500 champion Derrike Cope. Patrice McBride married Andy Petree, a longtime member of Dale Earnhardt Sr.’s crew. And Brooke Sealey had a marriage with Jeff Gordon.  And when it comes to NASCAR drivers and the ladies…Yes, even Jr. had a date with Shannon Wiseman. Who hasn’t Junior dated?

 Now the trio of Coon, Rooney and Beat it seems they got it set. The only real off-the-track drama the Sprint Cup Girls got into involved a jerk who publicized photos of Paige Duke that were privately sent to him. Some ex-boyfriends just can’t escape the past, can’t they? But besides that, it’s been all business. And if anything these girls are actually pretty smart. Beat was originally a correspondent for the X-Games and SPEED, not to mention her brother was an aspiring professional racer. Monica Palumbo, no…

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