Become a Member of the National CyberWatch Center Curriculum Standards Panel


Assuring that cybersecurity education is sufficiently and expertly taught is no small feat. The National CyberWatch Center is seeking qualified individuals to become members of its Curriculum Standards Panel to guarantee that academic institutions are offering only the best in cybersecurity learning.

Sponsored by the National Security Agency (NSA), the goal of this panel is to produce the nation’s first competency-based, mastery learning curriculum design for an information security fundamentals course. Learning objectives will align with the NSA Centers of Academic Excellence Knowledge Units, National Cybersecurity Workforce Framework KSAs as well as industry competency and capability maturity models. Panelists will be credited as authors of a curriculum standard that will be available for free through the NSA National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense program. The National CyberWatch Center curriculum committee is led by Dr. David Tobey, Director of Research and Assessments.

“Over 130 of the nation’s leading instructors, instructional designers, and cybersecurity professionals have already indicated interest in serving the nation by evaluating and/or developing effective practices for raising the maturity of fundamental cybersecurity capabilities of the current and future workforce,” states Dr. David Tobey, Director of Research and Assessments. “With the national conference of community-based cybersecurity education programs to take place this week in Washington, DC, we wanted to extend the opportunity for the attendees and others involved in education, training, or workforce mentoring and management to be considered for inclusion in this august panel of experts….

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