Be Critic of Yourself. A Finer Way to Improve Your Self Esteem

Believe you can and you are halfway there – Theodore Roosevelt


In our fast pace lifestyle many times we face such situation of depression. To come up from the existing circumstances we need to energize self.   Such feeling of depression give rise to a situation where we feel lack of confidence in ourselves. Moreover, a suspicion is built in regards of our abilities. 


In order to eliminate the feeling we need to do some practice to raise our self-esteem. What is self-esteem? How can we enhance our self worth? These are some of significant questions we must learn.  How to build self esteem may be a tough task but attainable. 


Self-esteem is a psychological phenomenon that reflects person’s emotional evaluation of own worth.  It Beliefs like I am worthy or I am competent and emotions of triumph, pride, shame or despair are some yardstick to judge oneself.  Self-esteem is just a parameter to check how we perceive our value to the world. 


Although there are ways to uplift our perception of self worthiness but in absence of the right suggestion on how to build self esteem people usually drive you mad. It would be better to pursue new and challenging interest, ignoring the hurdles that come under during achievement of the task. Keep always a goal in mind. 


How to build self esteem is a relevant question in the time of fast moving lifestyle. One of the significant ways to build self-esteem is to set new goals and challenges. Before fixing a new goal a person must ensure that goals can be achieved within a time frame. During the process of setting new goals analyze challenges and acknowledge the self-accountability in this regard.  Commitment is the way that assists you in achieving you fixed target. 


In order to achieve your target and boost the energy and self esteem a person must ponder on the time frame. Setting time limits is relevant way to achieve the target and helps you to remain focused on the task to be completed in a given…

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