Be Aware! Stress May Cause Cancer

Cancer! The word itself is more dreadful than anything else. How one can sustains the truth that he is dying day by day despite of the treatment he is going through. Till date the cause of cancer is in the dark. Studies have done and researches are still going on to find out the reason for the uncontrolled growth of cells which take place when the person is suffering from cancer but nothing has come in the light. Unfortunately no study has come up with a positive result about the causes of cancer but several studies have definitely point out that excessive stress may augment the risk of developing cancer. Just like stress is linked with the increased risk of cardiovascular disorder, obesity and infertility, it is also connected with the raised risk of cancer. 


Let’s see how stress is linked up with the cancer risk. 


People experience stress due to several reasons. There are teenagers who under-go stressful situation due to examinations, parent’s divorce etc. Workplace stress is common nowadays. Stress has become an inseparable part of our lives and we have learned to live with it. Our body has its own tools to beat the stress blues. When we are stressed our body starts to secret some hormones such as cortisol, adrenalin, dopamine, endorphins etc. which determines the body’s reaction to the situation. 


Cancer is referred as the abnormal and uncontrolled growth of cells which ultimately becomes the reason for the sufferer’s death. These cells affect the normal functioning cells and organ and the sufferer dies. The exact cause of cancer is still in the dark. It is assumed that certain generic and environmental factors are responsible for the augmented risk of cancer. When a person falls ill, it also indicates that he is not having a strong immune system. If it were strong, it would have stopped the growth of the cells just like it did when bacteria of viruses start to form colonies in your body. Here stress is the reason for your…

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