BBforME Closes Series A Funding Round To Tremendous Enthusiasm; Company Has Custom Designed A Beauty and Wellness App To Enhance The Lives of Both Consumers and Professio

Our vision is for BBforME to inspire people to take more time for themselves to look good, and to feel good. We understand that an easy-to-book experience, is just the start of being able to enjoy their beauty and wellness journeys.

BBforME, the new wellness company focusing on enhancing provider connectivity with clients closed its Series A funding this past May. Investors, including Amir Wain, a Co-Founder of BBforME and Mehwar Investments, LLC led the round.

The company, founded by Bea Sharif and Bonita Inza, with Amir Wain, was created by highly acclaimed corporate innovators, who decided the beauty, fitness, and wellness experience needed some modernization. BBforME is building an app enabling professionals to create their own business profiles, connect with new and existing clients, promote unique classes and events, and build their businesses – from calendaring to client portfolio management to payments and reminders. Clients, on the other hand, can discover and book directly with providers, pay directly in-app (including tipping), receive appointment reminders, and so much more.

“We are thrilled to have fully subscribed our Series A funding round for BBforME,” said Bonita Inza, Co-Founder. “Once we realized that there was a better way to run these types of businesses, we decided to put our corporate business experience to work in a new way and create a company that could solve the everyday problems faced by independent wellness, fitness, and beauty providers.”

Traditionally, these independent providers manage their full client loads, as well as all of the administrative functions associated with them. BBforME is designing an app that enhances customer service by automating some of the administrative functions which are mission critical to any small business. The app, called BBforME, has been in beta for the past few months and is expected to launch shortly.

Lead investor and Co-Founder Amir Wain quickly realized the growth potential and impact BBforME could have on the beauty, fitness, and wellness markets. “This company is poised to change the way we do everything from discovering, scheduling, and paying for services. While the marketplace is great for consumers to find trusted service…

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