Baz Sets Smurf Up [RECAP]

It’s time for the boys to finally follow through with Craig’s plan to rob the yacht but with Baz doing a job by himself, their success may be the beginning of his demise on “Animal Kingdom” Season 2, episode 10.

In the beginning of “Treasure,” J (Finn Cole) comes out of the shower to find Smurf (Ellen Barkin) laying in his bed. After talking in circles, she reveals that her storage unit has been robbed. When she asks him if he told the others about the space, he tells her he didn’t, however, it’s unclear if she believes him.

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J confronts Baz (Scott Speedman) about not telling him they robbed Smurf’s storage unit. J reveals that he knows Baz went back to take the money and Baz explains that he didn’t know if he could trust J not to tell on him.

Furious about all of her money being stolen, Smurf tasers the storage space employee who told Baz which unit belonged to her. She then shows him pictures of Baz and J but the employee only recognizes Baz.

Smurf then returns to her car where Lena (Aamya Deva Keroles) is sitting in the back seat and drives home. Shortly after serving her granddaughter lunch, Smurf receives a text from Baz telling her to take Lena to a friend’s house. When she leaves, Baz, who is waiting in a car, enters her home and steals the gun she keeps in the refrigerator.

Baz drives into the middle of nowhere and begins to dig. He eventually uncovers Javi’s (Alex Meraz) body and shoots him in the head with Smurf’s gun. Meanwhile, Smurf breaks into Baz’s house and begins hiding listening devices.

Elsewhere, Craig (Ben Robson) is putting the heist into motion by renting a boat with a fake ID card. He instructs Nicky (Molly Gordon) to take it out on the ocean at a specific time and tells her not to be late.

Although it is the day of the heist, Pope (Shawn Hatosy) is having second thoughts about following through with things. He warns Deran (Jake Weary) that they shouldn’t be bringing outsiders in on the job and explains that he doesn’t like that Nicky and Marco (Joseph Julian Soria) are participating in the family business. However, Deran reminds him that Craig needs them and that they are in it together.

As Craig works the party, he sends Nicky a text signaling her to follow through with her role in the heist. In the middle of the ocean, Nicky destroys her boat engine and radios in the coast guard to come help her.

On the yacht, Craig cuts cell…

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