Bay Area Restaurant Owner Publishes Book About 160-Year-Old Mile House “See You At The 7

Vanessa Garcia, 7 Mile House owner and historian

I feel I owe it to those who started 7 Mile House, and those who continue to make it a special place, to share these stories. 7 Mile is what it is because of all these people, and I think it’s only proper to keep their memories and stories alive. – Vanessa Garcia, Owner

The historic 7 Mile House, an award-winning restaurant, sports bar, and live music venue in the San Francisco Bay Area is celebrating 160 years of business (for the second time), since opening their doors in 1858. Along with the anniversary celebration, owner Vanessa Garcia is self-publishing the first book written about the history of 7 Mile House, taking on the responsibility as historian and guardian of the only Bay Area “mile house” left standing in its original location. The book titled, “See You At The 7 – Stories From the Bay Area’s Last Original Mile House”, is co-authored by award winning editor Regina Abuyuan, with a foreword by San Francisco Chronicle columnist Carl Nolte (Native Son). The book contains old maps of the area, historic photos, and interviews with locals who recount their experiences at 7 Mile House over the years.

The venue’s transformation from stagecoach stop, brothel, and infamous sports gambling den, to the family and dog-friendly restaurant, sports bar, and live music venue that it is today is a testament to 7 Mile House’s colorful reincarnation throughout the decades, and the love and dedication that Garcia has put into the business. Garcia originally thought that the mile house had been established in 1853, but discovered she had been wrong all these years while doing research for the book. The correct year is 1858, giving them the unique opportunity to celebrate 160 years once again.

Obsessed with its history since she took over in 2004, Garcia has collected trivia and bits of information from various sources—old regulars, employees, and descendants of old owners. It was only early this year, however, that she finally found the time to pore over all the documents, maps, periodicals, and books from different libraries and government offices.

“I’ve always been fascinated by this place’s history,” Garcia says. “Whenever old regulars…

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