Basic Principles of Modern Daycare Programs

A high quality daycare center in Coquitlam is the one which is highly efficient in recognizing the different needs of infants and toddlers and in meeting them. From the structuring and layout of the premises to design the effective care giving programs, a high quality establishment takes care of everything,

As far as basic principles of care giving programs are concerned, modern daycare centers in Coquitlam consider the following:

Every child is special

Each child is unique in the way they have their own likes and dislikes along with a distinct rate of development. The differences in the specific characteristics of children are due to two factors. The first is the hereditary or genetic factors that make them unique in terms of gender, size, skin color and temperament. While environment related factors make them unique in terms of economic, cultural and social conditions.

To apply this principle in care giving programs, solution providers first try to understand the reality of every child followed by respecting their differences and do not make them all to perform or play the same way and at the same time.

Child learns by interaction and motivation

 Another basic principle followed by modern childcare centers in Coquitlam is that every child is the main agent of his/her development. Consequently, it is of no importance to impose this learning from outside. In a daycare establishment, children interact with their environment throughout the day and this is something that supports them to develop at all levels.

Based on the principle, service providers understand that child learns by interacting, exploring and in motivating them with whatever they see, touch or feel. It is the role of the experts to let them feel free to explore, experiment and communicate with others. They should also make every child feel comfortable by allowing, guiding, offering and supporting them throughout the time they interact with the environment.

Child loves to learn through…

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