Basement Waterproofing- An Essential Thing for Keeping Homes Mold-Free

Homes are structurally made of walls, floors and terraces. While constructing a house, any defect to the structure or the surface can pose a problem for the residents in future. Many houses today face different problems related to the structural built. The most common problem which people face is that of mold build up. These are fungi which can pose serious health threats for people, if left unattended for a long period. People can face respiratory problems if they are exposed to molds for a long time. They produce certain highly toxic substances known as mycotoxins which can even prove to be fatal. Normally, these toxins cause serious neurological problems in people. Basement waterproofing is the only solution to prevent the growth of molds in homes.

Basement waterproofing is extremely essential to prevent the growth of molds and health hazards for people. The technique works by preventing water from seeping into the house and settle in the basement of the house. Molds get a chance to grow very well in a damp environment which puts the need to get rid of water from the basement of the house. Drying the leaky pipes and applying strong sealant can help in stopping the water from coming in. If pipes cannot be repaired, they should be replaced immediately. The walls of the house may have cracks which allow water to come into the house. Basement waterproofing can be done with the help of construction grade epoxy and various other types of water sealants. These can block the cracks on walls and floors, and prevent water seepage.
Care should, however, be taken to clean the cracks before the sealants are applied. The hairline cracks can be filled with waterproofing mix. After this, the next important thing to do is to apply a waterproofing agent on the entire wall. This should be done only after the mold growth is eliminated and the basement is clean. If the molds remain, the paint or the waterproofing agent will be damaged and the efforts will go in vain….

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