Barcelona Dream Team’s three main formation of 433

Team and no longer be left arguing with a smile on his face full of fighting spirit of Modric returned to the peak, his ability to make the organization a whole midfield eclipsed the Red Army, the opening leg after that long-range ground-breaking open the team victory gate.

A world-wave score, a positive scraping out the assists, Nani is the focus to the best World War II, he was on the sidewalks, so extraordinary Ashley – Cole to be angry, the entire 8 1 Nani try on a 7 extraordinary success, showing a C-grade level.

Forwards: Yakubu (Blackburn), Emmanuel Adebayor (Tottenham), Sergio Aguero (Manchester City)

Yakubu played a full match is only 2 feet 2 times the door to seize the opportunity to Blackburn scored twice, the resurrection of the Nigerian striker for Arsenal defender miserable, so Professor Ai Wude Park tasted rain pain.

Adebayor quickly with a goal to Tottenham Arsenal fans forget his identity, he interspersed the first large-scale field the ball, and his teammates have done quite perfect coordinate, and two more goals is reflects his value.

There is nothing to stop Sergio Aguero scored in the Premiership, just five Premier League games, four games have fetched Sergio Aguero, three of them scored more than two goals only regret is that the team wins the final result did not hold , Sergio Aguero wasted effort.

February 19, 1992, Barcelona in the Nou Camp was 8 to 1 victory over Osasuna. In the last week, but Barcelona at the Nou Camp 8 0 Osasuna Zhezhi tragedy swept team. Quite a coincidence that these two games, Barcelona are the formation 343. “Guardiola imitation of the Dream Team, 1 to 8 from 8 to 0.” “World Sports Daily,” so observes.

Barcelona Dream Team’s three main formation of 433, but recently Guardiola like to use the 343 formation. As the dream of a playmaker, Guardiola has a deep understanding of the 343. Barcelona Villareal 5-0 victory when the 343 Guardiola on discharge formation, when the Barcelona defender in as many as 3 Busquets,…

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