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George and Lara? Moving onto “Dancing with the stars.” The first couple eliminated last night. They flew all night long to be with us. We’ll talk to them in just a moment, but first, here’s a look at last night’s showdown. Reporter: The stakes were high in the ballroom Monday night. It was the first elimination of the season. That was a super duper dance. Reporter: Taking over the ballroom, Vanessa lachey, and property brothers drew Scott, fighting to make it through. Still the couples came to dance three couples tied for first place. Jordan fisher, and the dueling brothers fighting for the top spot. It’s undeniable how incredible you are. Reporter: Barbara Corcoran investing big in her tango this week. You have been investing in the right things. Reporter: But when the results were in, the “Shark tank” judge wasn’t able to close the deal. Barbara and Keo. And they are here with us. You flew all night long. I just want to start by asking you because you’re usually on the other side. You’re usually judging on “Shark tank” so how was it to have the shoe on the other foot? It’s so much better to be a judge. It was horrific and I thought I was fabulous. Nobody agreed with me. Were they fair? Very much so. They were totally fair, and I can’t argue with that. I don’t like the results, but they are what they are. I’m used to coming in first. I thought I would come in first. I’m first out. But as always, a great sense of humor, but do you feel like you left it all on the dance room floor or is there something you could have done differently? Not at all. Keo teaching me. He was distracting. He is so god damn delicious. It’s your fault, Keo. I guess it’s my fault. I tried to put my clothes on all the time. And I think there was a part of my body that she always says, the clavicle right here. He has a clavicle right here. Show them the clavicle. Let’s stop there. Let’s stop there. When he sweats, he gets a pool of sweat there. That was so distracting. Barbara. You need to focus on the feet, not the clavicle. You try dancing with this guy. See how far you go. We have a special audience member with us right now. Kevin to Lee ro’leary. Oh, no. What happened? I was the only shark that believed in you. I wanted you to go all the way. I was the one that bought you the new broom so you could get there on time every morning. That old joke? Real Kevin? I thought he was taller than this guy….

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