Bao-Khanh Tran Announces Release of ‘Hatching Sharey’

Hatching Sharey” is Tran’s first book. The story of a platypus in search of her true identity will remind readers that only through genuine love and acceptance will set one free and make the impossible, possible.

Bao-Khanh Tran was born in Vietnam and came to America at a very young age. This made her question her true identity growing up because she was not sure whether she was Vietnamese or American. It was after an adventure with a group of loving family and friends that she became fully aware that she was not one or the other. Tran realizes that she is a Vietnamese-American. She wanted to share this discovery with her nieces and nephews who are growing up as a second generation Vietnamese-Americans themselves. It prompted her to write “Hatching Sharey” (published by Xlibris), a story about freeing oneself from the limitations of having a single identity.

The book tells the story of Sharey, a platypus in search for its identity in the wild. As she hatches into the wild with a duck-like bill, a mole-like claw and a beaver-like tail, Sharey learns that she is not exactly a duck, a mole, or a beaver, but a unique member of the animal kingdom and that is why she is so special.

“In today’s society, we often get caught up in putting labels on things; including ourselves,” Tran points out. “Some people get hung up with a single label, such as being a parent, a career person, a boy, or a girl that we forget to embrace our whole self. When we free ourselves from a single identity, we free ourselves from the limitations we perceive. We are more than just any one of those labels, because we are the perfect living creation of this universe.”

“Hatching Sharey” is Tran’s first book. The story of a platypus in search of…

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