Banksy’s Famous ‘Balloon Girl’ Comes Alive on Berlin Wall

At Hackerbay, our mission is to globalize Hacker Culture, the mindset of infinite possibilities. – Christian Strobl, CEO

Hackerbay, a Berlin and Silicon Valley-based worldwide hacking collective, released an animated film this morning bringing Banksy’s famous ‘balloon girl’ to life on the Berlin Wall. The ‘balloon girl’ piece was ranked the UK’s favorite visual artwork in a study carried out by Frame National Art Audit last week. Hackerbay’s film leverages the power of European graffiti art and Hollywood filmmaking to proclaim the company’s message that ‘Your Dreams Are Still Yours’ – a poignant reminder in a world that values corporate and bureaucratic gain over the hopes and dreams of individuals.

See the film here: (

The top-ranked startup in Berlin, Hackerbay gives the best hackers in the world the opportunity to be architects of tomorrow’s social and technological infrastructure. Based on their unique skill sets and aspirations, Hackerbay designs hacker teams uniquely suited to build custom software products for Google, Microsoft, Spotify, Facebook and other high-tech companies.

Hackerbay’s film follows Banksy’s iconic balloon girl through young life. Her dream is symbolized by her heart-shaped balloon. She is promised she can do anything, yet the structures of education and society require her to follow the rules in a way that prevents unleashing her own creativity. The film portrays her surrendering what she really wants to do as her balloon drifts away and she finds herself in ‘someone else’s career’. In the end, she rebels and recaptures her dream. The final frame depicts the balloon girl on the Berlin Wall, contrasting symbols of hope and oppression.

With the release of this film, Hackerbay passionately advances its campaign to spread Hacker Culture, a mindset of infinite innovative possibility. Hackerbay’s global hacking ring believes great innovation only can occur when talented experts are empowered to unleash their creativity and follow their dreams. Through their exclusive and globally reaching network, Hackerbay is associated with some of the world’s most skilled developers, dreamers and artists.

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