Ballroom Dancing Lessons with Excellent Posture

If you are dancer, you know that it is essential that you have good posture. If you are not a performer, and you don’t have great posture, you may want to consider taking ballroom dancing lessons. Now ballroom dancing helps to improve every aspect of your posture, from the top of your tips of your toes.

So all of your body parts are in the proper alignment and when this happens, you will notice that a lot of your everyday aches and pains will disappear. There are some ballroom dancing lessons and tips that will help you to maintain good posture all of the time.

The first point is holding your head straight and up. Your head must be held high, with your chin similar to the dance floor. So when the head is held in this way, your neck must be extended upward, not outside.

The next point is, do not slouch. Make sure that your chest and hips are always aligned properly. You should feel like you are lifting your rib cage, and increasing the length of your smile. This is really good for your posture and you are breathing.

Try not to be a hippy. It doesn’t mean the characters of the 1960’s with flowers in their hair. When you are in a right posture with attitude, your whole physical body movement should flow with the usual arc of your body. So do not tuck it in, and don’t stick it out.

Get your leg up properly. Make sure you protect your legs by using correct postures with proper attitude. If you are standing directly, your knees should be in between your feet and hips, and this position should remain when twisting.

The next thing is put your best foot forward. As a professional ballroom dancer, you have to look after your feet with proper posture. When you are standing or moving, so make sure you are receiving the accurate distribution of body weight. The right body weight will be distributed differently standing still than when moving.

Now having right and positive posture is one of the key points to good skeletal health. Not only this, it incredibly important for the dance, if you intend to taking up for ballroom dancing. Your body activities will be more graceful. So believe it or not now many may even seem easier, if you are in the habit of working good position.

So if you know the above tips and regulations by maintain accurate and professional attitude, you will not only be brightness on your feet while on the floor and make it rock. You will be walking tall and looking proud in every aspects of your life.

So you will increase your confidence and that will…

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