BakerCorp Helps Chemical Plant Solve Unexpected Flooding

BakerCorp’s EC-250 Mobile Water Treatment Trailer provides flexible Electrocoagulation treatment solutions.

BakerCorp, a leader in water treatment technologies, recently completed an emergency treatment solution in response to unexpected flooding at the plant of a large plastics and chemical manufacturer.

In the summer of 2017, a leading supplier of plastic resins and petrochemicals experienced torrential downpours at one of its main facilities in Texas, leaving 3 million gallons of stored water flooded with contaminated rainwater.

In under six weeks, BakerCorp designed and executed a successful solution to reduce levels of copper and zinc. The plan BakerCorp developed included using BakerCorp’s EC-250 Mobile Trailer System (pictured at right) and electrocoagulation treatment, followed by a solids removal process consisting of water clarification, filtration and adsorption for reducing carbon materials in the water.

“Baker’s team of water treatment experts carefully assessed the flooding and executed a successful response strategy,” said Mehrzad Emanuel, vice president of filtration at BakerCorp. “We design our treatment solutions so they can be quickly adapted and deployed when urgent and unexpected situations like this one arise.”

According to the company’s leadership, BakerCorp rapidly executed a solution and completed initial testing to validate the process’s performance, stating, “No other service provider could deliver both on treatment effectiveness and cost versus disposal options.”

BakerCorp also created a long-term, cost-effective plan to meet future water treatment needs, knowing a similar situation could occur in the future.

“BakerCorp excels in working quickly and in challenging environments. Leveraging our expertise and experience, we are able to adapt our solutions to unique situations like unexpected rain contamination, and we are always excited when it offers us the opportunity to form a long-term relationship with our customers,” concluded Emanuel.

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