Bad Habits That Cause Heart Disease

Do not take care of your oral health, eat too much salt and smoke are bad habits that sabotage your heart.

1. Snore

More than a bad habit, snoring can be a sign of something more serious: obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). This disorder, which is marked by breathing interrupted while sleeping, can increase the blood pressure. People with OSA have 4 times higher risk of heart disease than normal people. Obese people are easier to get OSA, but that does not mean slim people have less risk for it. If you often snore and wake up feeling tired, you should visit your doctor.

2. Do not take care of oral health

Although exact reasons are unknown, there is a close connection between the gum disease and heart disease. If you do not floss your teeth regularly, plaques with lots of bacteria will build up over time and cause gum disease. One theory is these bacteria trigger inflammatory responses in the body and inflammation promotes all aspects of atherosclerosis. Treating the gum diease can improve the blood vessel function.

3. Separate yourself from the world

It is a normal thing when you are annoyed or irritated by someone else you can not get along with. However, you need to strengthen your relationship with people you really like. People who have close relationships with their family, friends and society usually live longer and healthier. Everyone needs private time for themselves but you should also look after other people around you and keep in touch whenever you can.

4. Drink alcohol

Many studies showed that consuming a small amount of alcohol every day is good for your heart. In fact, a lot of people drink too much alcohol. Excess alcohol will increase the risk of high blood pressure, blood fat and heart failure. Besides, excess calories can make you gain weight and threaten your cardiovascular health. The less alcohol you drink, the healthier you can live.

5. Overeat

Being overweight is the main reason for heart disease. So you should try eating less, avoid…

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