Backtalk: Times readers sound off on the Seattle arena story, Colin Kaepernick and the Mariners

Backtalk: Letters to the Sports Editor.

Seattle arena

We need answers

With all the fuss over building a new arena for the NBA and NHL, I assumed I must be missing something. Didn’t the Sonics go away because they weren’t profitable for Howard Schulz?

So how are they going to make money in a new arena, and where is everybody going to park in what The Times calls an already-overcrowded area? I see no concern regarding those two questions. How about answers, Mr. Mayor?

Don Curtis, Stanwood

Soccer on steroids

In his June 7 column, Times columnist Matt Calkins lays out the convincing argument that Seattle is likely to get the NHL before the NBA returns. This is not good news for those still mourning the Sonics, but don’t get too depressed just yet.

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I lived in the Washington, D.C., area when the Capitals came into existence. I don’t even ice skate, but I quickly came to appreciate hockey at that level.

The strategy is a lot like soccer, but it moves more like soccer on steroids. And the crowd energy easily matches, and probably surpasses, soccer crowds.

Raymond S. Wilson, Bellevue

Give hockey a chance

I guess I can say the silver lining is giving the NHL a chance (never was really into it), and perhaps someday an NBA team will be back.

I won’t be going to any games in person, as the Mercer mess at rush hour while trying to get to a game is ridiculous, but I’ll enjoy watching them on TV.

KeepCalm (online commenter)

Bad choices by city

Well, I see Seattle and its city council have not learned anything! Sure, they will bring in an NBA and/or NHL team(s).

But as soon as attendance falls off, they will move the teams to some other sucker city. It is all about the money. If you want a team to stay here, you need to have local ownership.

KeyArena is a lousy location, and Seattle Center is saturated from a traffic standpoint. There is little of value in Seattle…

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