Backtalk: Times readers sound off on the Seattle arena situation, Safeco Field and F.X. McRory’s

Backtalk: Letters to the Sports Editor.

Seattle arena

Let’s go with logic

The main reasons most Seattle sports fans prefer Sodo to KeyArena for an NBA and/or NHL venue are quite simple — traffic and parking. It’s a powerful argument but continues to get brushed aside by Tim Leiweke, the mayor and everyone else touting Key­Arena.

It could possibly end up derailing the whole Key project, but on the other hand — why use logic to determine the future arena?

SofaSpud (online commenter)

Time for a test

The city should host a test event at KeyArena at 7 p.m. on a weeknight that includes entertainment, free refreshments and hot dogs to attract 18,000 future Sonics and NHL fans.

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The mayor and city council should observe the traffic and parking situation. This would prove that KeyArena is a ridiculous site for Sonics and NHL fans.

As they depart, attendees should be asked to critique the traffic, parking and public transportation to KeyArena.

Russ Kembel, Redmond

Start a new league

Seattle will never get an NBA franchise while the current NBA is led by the same people who allowed the Sonics to be bought under false pretenses, hire an inept coach and cause the fans to lose interest.

What Seattle needs is to start another basketball league to compete with the NBA. It worked with football over 50 years ago, when there was a rival football league. That’s how the Super Bowl started. There must be enough billionaires in the U.S. and Canada to make this happen.

Barry Lichtman, West Seattle

The inside track

Both groups face the same difficulties in getting a team, though Oak View appears to have an inside track on NHL dealings.

So which arena makes sense until Seattle gets an NHL and NBA team? Which one has the least downside risk for the taxpayers of Seattle? Oak View has made this pencil out even if no team comes.

soccerdog (online commenter)



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