Backpack Gear List – Tips to Reduce your Gear Load

Creating a comprehensive backpack gear list is always essential to ensure that you get to carry everything you require, hence fully enjoy the best hiking experience. But if over the years you have noticed that your load is often too heavy and therefore less comfy, perhaps it’s time you check what’s on your gear list that you can do without.

 Most if not all hikers usually tend to carry gears that they really don’t need. So, identifying and removing such gears from your list is imperative in having a lighter, more comfortable backpack.

The Most Basic Items

The most important question to ask you is what do I really need? Assuming that you are going for a 3 day hike for instance; some of the most basic gears that you should first consider purchasing is a tent and a sleeping bag. These are necessary to provide you with adequate shelter wherever you will be camping.

Alongside you should also carry navigation maps, gaiters, toilet paper, Bandanna, watch, fleece jacket, rain jackets, some money and your cell phone too; which may come in handy especially in case of an emergency. Well, these are just a section of the vital items you ought to carry but there are others you may want to include depending on your personal preferences and needs.

What’s Not Important

However there are many other items that we often assume to be indispensable when they are actually optional. Take for example insect repellants. When travelling to cold locations, insect repellants are things that you can do without because insects are usually a problem in seemingly hot regions.

Gloves on the other hand are more suitable for a cold region than a hot one. Moreover, choosing to carry considerably lighter headlamps can further cut down on the weight of your load substantially. Essentially it’s important that you closely scrutinize the place you are going in order to determine what will be necessary to carry along for that particular hike and what won’t.

Food and Supplies

Nevertheless, while taking with you enough food and water is integral; it is often recommended that you carry ready food because besides the inconvenience of having to cook while on a hike, cooking is usually not a suitable option when aiming to reduce your load. This is because you will be forced to include a stove and fuel on your backpack gear list which will definitely make your load heavier.

When it comes to estimating the amount of water you will need, it pays to know the weather conditions of the place…

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