Baby Skin Care: Handle with Precision

Taking care of children, especially infants is a painstaking task. It requires patience and delicate handling. Children under 6 months do not move much and sleep most of the time. Hence, too much care and handling is not required. There’s nothing quite like the soft and delicate skin of a newborn. And is nothing more disturbing than seeing your baby cry with any irritation or skin condition. So bathing your baby every other day is enough. Frequent baths can dry out your baby’s skin. Test bath water and make sure it’s warm, not hot. Pat your baby dry with a soft towel or washcloth. Do not rub or else it can result in bruises. More frequent batching and using specific baby care products is required once your baby starts crawling and eats solid food. Notwithstanding unwanted complexities, batching can be a pleasurable experience both for the baby and mom.

With little ones the adage is “less is more.” Pediatricians advise that bathing babies too often and too much exposure to chemicals and other probable allergens — can set the stage for skin allergies later in life. A baby’s skin is sensitive to temperature and sun and needs proper day-to-day care and nourishment. It easily gets sun burnt and dehydrated. Harsh products are not for your baby; it can result in rashes, eczema, itchy spots, flaky and rough skin and other skin irritations. Hence, you need to choose natural baby products, such as allergen, fragrance, artificial color and tear-free soaps, washes and lotions. Artificial and acidic baby care products can irritate tender skin. It is a common fact that all babies develop nappy rashes. However, no need to panic. Your baby’s skin will be better and more rash-proof once your baby turns a year older.

Getting hold of the right natural baby product can be quite perplexing given the wide array of products available in the market today. Nevertheless, always invest in organic skin and hair care products. Take your time and browse through the details. You can read about the product/ingredients online or check their labels at a local superstore.
Natural baby lotions, natural shampoo & body wash, soaps, bath sprays, baby oils, natural powders, bubble baths, petroleum jelly, ointments & sanitizers, cleansers, creams and moisturizers are popular baby skin care and hair care products. They are made from natural fruit/botanical extracts and oils; hence, they are perfectly safe and suited for your infant’s soft and sensitive skin. There are no artificial…

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