B2B Industrial Packaging Introduces Lightweight, Easy-to-Use, Full-Function Battery-Operated Strapping Tool

B2B Industrial Packaging President Bill Drake

This is a time and money-saving alternative for all organizations that use polypropylene or polyester strapping.

B2B Industrial Packaging just introduced the Signode BXT3 battery-operated combination strapping tool. This is the only tool on the market with a variable tension speed. B2B Industrial Packaging President Bill Drake said, “This is a time and money-saving alternative for all organizations that use polypropylene or polyester strapping.”

BXT3 features include:

  • Variable tension speed: A simple button that is pressure-sensitive and easy to use.
  • Real time indication of tension force: An accurate gauge of the amount of tension being applied in either Newtons or pounds–easily adjustable on the touch pad.
  • Favorite strapping function: The operator can save frequently used settings and quickly switch between presets.
  • Strap alignment indication: A visible green/red indication for foolproof strapping alignment.
  • 3-color display and acoustic signal for tool status: Helps avoid malfunctions during tensioning, welding, and cutting and alerts when the entire process is finished.
  • A lock out function: Management can create and lock a setting—preventing changes.
  • Automatic, semi-automatic, or soft mode operation.
  • Full touch display: Everything is touchscreen capable, making it simple to navigate through the adjustable settings. The operator can change the favorite strapping setting, welding time, soft tension mode, and tension force; switch between automatic, semi-automatic, and manual settings; and lock the entire screen. The display also shows battery life and strap cycles.

Using Bosch Cool Pack Technology there is 100% more battery life than with previous handheld tools, which decreases strapping downtime. Each model provides up to 800 low-tension cycles per battery charge. The BXT3 comes in versions for three strap dimensions:

  • BXT3-13 for light duty application/9–13 mm
  • BXT3-16 for universal application/13–16 mm
  • BXT3-19 for heavy duty application/16–19 mm

“Our clients love the improvements over the current battery tools on the market,” Drake said. “For example, it is much easier for operators to…

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