Avoid Mistakes With First Book Promotion

Selling a book can be a major financial windfall if handled correctly. However, there are several pieces required in order to get to the selling point. Coming up with an idea, writing the book, and getting it published are all landmark steps along the way to selling a book. Unfortunately, some authors take the selling part for granted. Here are some common problems experienced by writers with their book promotion and tips on avoiding these mistakes.

Offer Ways for Promotion Within the Book

It is important that authors determine the right target audience for their book and write just for them. However, it is also important that there are elements within the book that make it easy to promote.

For instance, a self-help book should offer input from related organizations as well as experts. Then, these contacts can help sell the book when it is printed.

If the book is a work of fiction, then a legitimate town should be chosen as a backdrop. Readers will be compelled to visit the location and learn more about the area. The primary character should have an interesting hobby or some common ailment that can be easily discussed and draw attention from a focused group.

Take Responsibility for Promotion

Some authors feel like getting the book published is the final step to the process. However, the author should take ownership of the book promotion activities and get involved with spreading the word. Lots of online resources such as forms and newsletters can be a great outlet to let potential readers know about the upcoming book. Getting some time with local radio shows, offering press releases and talking to book clubs is another way to promote the new release.

Set Proper Expectations

Many authors fall into the trap of thinking that the biggest and brightest bookstores will eagerly sell any new book. Unfortunately, getting on the shelf of a major book chain is difficult enough; getting sales from these locations is even harder. Instead of trying to get bookstores to push…

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