AVI video file format- the new era of video advancement

In today’s time and era, the vide format that dominates all forms of other video formats is AVI. Most of the technological advancements demand that the video being played is on the avi format. This is why there is a humungous need of converting other forms of video format to avi. This increases the chances of video being played on a greater variety of devices. The best and easiest way of converting video formats to avi would be to use one of the multitudes of software that are available online. One such video converter that is supported by the MAC operating system is the Laewo avi to mov converter MAC.
This convertor is not just the best tool to use when you convert mov to avi on mac, it is also the most efficient way to edit files that need to be converted. In order to convert files to avi using this software, there are few simple steps that need to be followed.
1.  Loading the video in to the convertor is the first step to convert mov to avi on mac. The video can be directly loaded. It can also be loaded into the convertor by the use of a URL. The file can be browsed and searched up from the computer’s data base quite easily. All that we need to do is select the Add File option. After that, the option to browse through computer’s saved files is visible. It can be chosen to access the computer’s memory.
2.  The second step is to adjust the settings of the convertor to tell it where to save the file and in what format.  This can be easily done by choosing various options from the drop down boxes.
3.  There are a lot of ways to convert mov to avi on mac in which the movie uploaded for conversion can be altered. The clip to be converted can be affected by many effects. It can be converted exactly as we want.
4.  The last step would be to convert the video by hitting the convert button.
Once that is done, the video is ready for conversion. There are a lot of reasons why people are inclining towards avi movie format. Avi has a far better support than any…

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