Autopsy shows Charleena Lyles was shot 7 times by police

The report, released by an attorney representing Charleena Lyles’ father, also confirms the 30-year-old mother was pregnant when she was fatally shot during a June 18 confrontation with two police officers.

A newly released autopsy report shows Charleena Lyles was shot seven times by Seattle police and was 14 to 15 weeks pregnant when she died.

The report, released by an attorney representing Lyles’ father, Charles Lyles, also states the 30-year-old mother had no drugs or alcohol in her system when she was fatally shot during a June 18 confrontation with two police officers at her Northeast Seattle apartment.

Three of the gunshots fired by officers Jason Anderson and Steven McNew struck Lyles in the front of the torso and chest, three struck her in the back or rear of her arm, and one grazed the side of her ribs, according to the report.

Several of the wounds would have been life-threatening on their own, including the one that cut through her uterus and the fetus, according to an autopsy performed by the King County Medical Examiner’s Office.

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Police have said the two officers fired their weapons when Lyles lunged at one of them with one or two knives.

“I thought I was at the low point of being sad, but the sadness just got worse,” Charles Lyles said through his attorney, Karen Koehler. “Hearing the details of the shooting just makes me feel more empty. I lost my daughter and my next grandson. I just don’t have the words.”

Koehler said the family decided to release the autopsy and toxicology reports to challenge some assumptions in the media and public discourse about Lyles.

“If you have been reading the dialogue you might have assumed she was a poor, single black woman with multiple children who must have been on drugs, and that is a false assumption and a false narrative,” Koehler said.

She said she felt like crying when she read the autopsy report, which stated that one bullet perforated “the upper midline uterus causing herniation of a fetus in its amniotic sac into the peritoneal cavity.”

“I know the baby is not considered a baby until it is viable under our rules of law, but as a human and a mother, it’s so upsetting,” Koehler said.

Seattle police declined to comment on the autopsy Wednesday morning. A police investigation into the shooting is continuing.

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