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According to healing and counseling experts Beth Fortman-Brand, Matthew Schonbrun and Agnes Deason, when a person embarks on a spiritual quest to find purpose and meaning, each journey is unique. However, they all include a desire to become self-aware and a search for answers to difficult questions. The three professionals explore the art of remembering and examining one’s true self in the fiction book, “Navigating the Storm: 7 Truths to Mastering Our Lives.”

“Navigating the Storm” chronicles the spiritual awakening and personal journeys of multiple characters. The fable features caterpillars and butterflies as a representation of humanity and explores seven core truths that provide insight on the purpose of life. Additionally, “Navigating the Storm” teaches the significance of self-love, an inner sense of awareness and creating one’s reality.

“The information contained in Navigating the Storm is our attempt to shed light on many of life’s most challenging questions,” Fortman-Brand said. “The three of us have incorporated information and answers that resonate deeply with us, and suggest readers integrate the information that resonates with them.”

Fortman-Brand, Schonbrun and Deason suggest that our reality is dualistic in nature. And this duality is the primary cause for so many of us judging our experiences as either good or bad. They encourage readers to accept each moment and see it for what it is–and claim our fundamental power to choose to view each moment with love, joy and peace.

“We believe that by examining periods of happiness and sorrow, an individual can become more conscious and self-aware,” Deason said.

“Our goal is to inspire and empower individuals to remember that they are the creators of their reality. By choosing to view life as a creator, we banish all forms of victimhood and step into the power of personal responsibility,” Schonbrun said.

“Navigating the Storm: 7 Truths to Mastering Our Lives”

By Beth Fortman-Brand, Matthew Schonbrun, Agnes Deason

ISBN: 9781504377942 (hardcover), 9781504377935 (softcover), 9781504378239 (e-book)

Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Balboa Press

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Beth Fortman-Brand is an Intuitive Strategist (I.S.) with over 30 years of experience. Beth received her B.S. degree in Sociology…

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