Author Shares True Story of Being Trapped in Home by Serial Killer

Mark Shirley was convicted of the ritualized murder of a 67-year-old widow and jailed for life in 1987. What should have been a life sentence ended after only 16 years, allowing Shirley to enter the life of Helen Stockford.

In 2009, Shirley attempted to recreate his infamous murder and rape, trapping Stockford in her own home and repeating his heinous actions. Stockford now exposes the details of that day, as well as her pursuit of justice in “Reenactment of a Killer and Serial Rapist: Cold- Eyed Mark Shirley.”

“Reenactment of a Killer and Serial Rapist” chronicles Stockford’s five-hour torture at the hands of her neighbor’s estranged boyfriend, Shirley. With frank detail, Stockford shares her personal account of meeting Shirley, the copycat assault she endured and her desire to seek justice for herself as well as other victims of sexual assault.

“An assault of any nature is one of the darkest, most personal tragedies that can happen to a person,” Stockford said. “It certainly is in mine. Nonetheless, this story needs to be told. Reenactment of a Killer and Serial Rapist is not just about me. It’s a tool to spark change in our laws, culture and services for victims of sexual assault.”

Nine months after his attack on Stockford, Shirley was given six life sentences. His actions sealed the last chapter of his story, but Stockford’s narrative is just beginning. For more information on the author and book, please visit

“Reenactment of a Killer and Serial Rapist: Cold- Eyed Mark Shirley”

By Helen Stockford

ISBN: 9781524636685 (hardcover), 9781524636692 (softcover), 9781524636708 (e-book)

Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and AuthorHouse

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Helen Stockford is a mother of five currently residing in London. Stockford battled the UK government for…

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