Author Robert Carr’s Newly Released “Those Terrible First Hours” is a Critical Look at the Self-Serving Behavior of Today’s Political Characters

“Those Terrible First Hours”: a critical look at key political figures and their lack of righteousness. “Those Terrible First Hours” is the creation of published author, Robert Carr. Robert Carr was born in Greeley, Colorado on September 20, 1954. He has worked at the Cooper Twin Theatre, Weld County, and Safeway Stores, Inc. Only after watching a six-pack of soda pop zip pass his face and break out the window of his driver side door as his car rolled did he develop faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

“Everyone knows the characters of the cartoons Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? and Johnny Quest. In both of these cartoons, the characters did that which was right, without expecting anything in return—a far cry from what we have today. Even though we have many working for the common people of the nation, we have far too many who work for themselves. Even though I have the hope in Christ Jesus, I think that the media has done a good job showing that Donald Trump has an ego the size of Texas. But I feel that they do not know what to do with Hillary Rodham Clinton and therefore do not know how to criticize her.” –Robert Carr

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Robert Carr’s new book takes a critical look at the villainous heroes of modern politics.

In the cartoons, the heroes do what is right without expecting anything in return. It is a far cry from what exists in reality where outrageous cartoon-like characters have seized the public airways to promote their own personal brands. Where the heroes and the villains are all too clear in the cartoons, the characters of the political world appear more villain-like than hero-like.    

The media has done a good job demonstrating Donald Trump has an ego the size of Texas. They do not, however, seem to know what…

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