Author Rev. R. Lee Banks, Jr. AAS, BF, M.IS, MA’s newly released “Love You, Forgive You, Continue…” is a guide to overcoming emotional burdens of the past.

“Love You, Forgive You, Continue…”: a new perspective on overcoming emotional burdens. “Love You, Forgive You, Continue…” is the creation of published author, Rev. R. Lee Banks, Jr. AAS, BF, M.IS, MA. Rev. R. Lee Banks Jr was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. After high school, he joined the United States Army. Rev. Banks currently holds an associate degree in business management, a bachelor’s degree in business finance, and a master’s degree in information systems and Biblical studies. Rev. Banks intends to pursue a doctorate in counseling with an emphasis on behavioral disorders and substance abuse in the near future. Rev. Banks resides in Philadelphia, PA where he is affiliated with several churches within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and elsewhere in the US. Rev. Banks is available for preaching and teaching seminars, revivals, motivational speaking, and special events. He can be reached via email: leebanks(at)comcast(dot)net.

“Life offers many challenges that have to be faced; and more often than not, it leaves us with the feelings of guilt and shame that harbors and affects us emotionally, physically, spiritually, financially, and socially. The key to overcoming this is to learn to love ourselves, forgive ourselves, and get on with life!” –Rev. R. Lee Banks, Jr. AAS, BF, M.IS, MA

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Rev. R. Lee Banks, Jr. AAS, BF, M.IS, MA.’s new book teaches readers to overcome the burdens of past suffering.

Rev. R. L. Banks Jr. offers readers a new perspective on dealing with the issues of life and gaining the momentum that is necessary to overcome the challenges of life. Overcoming the burden of lingering pain from the past is never easy. Within the pages of this book, however, Rev R. L. Banks Jr. shares many of the keys that will allow readers to open their minds and successfully overcome their burdens.

In “Love You, Forgive You, Continue…,” Rev. Banks shares his life story and many other examples of how spiritual principles can play a major role in dealing with problems rooted in the past. It is Rev. Banks’ hope and dream to continue to inspire people who are willing to open their minds to a new way of thinking, which will translate into a new way of living.

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