Author Nomolos’ Newly Released “Dimension Of Demons; A Political Prophecy” Is An Apocalyptic Political Thriller That Will Force Readers To Face The Ultimate Question

“Dimension of Demons; A Political Prophecy”: an apocalyptic political thriller that offers readers insights into the most important question they will face in life. “Dimension of Demons; A Political Prophecy” is the creation of published author, nomoloS. nomoloS grew up in a small Eastern Central city in Alabama. nomoloS was one of six children and the second son of parents whose modest resources with a stay at home mother afforded nomoloS certain privileges, including love many did not have. The author’s pen name, nomoloS, was originally the name of a character in a short story the author wrote while in college. Read the name backwards to reveal special knowledge of things to come.

“Grant Rockford surveyed the scene below… The floating Spacecraft opened and a figure of a man appeared. Where was his home and who was this mysterious man? Why were all the people transfixed and hanging onto every word? He would become known as the UniLeader – One leader over the entire planet Earth. His rise to power and control would be unequalled in ALL of human history. This man seemed to have all the answers even to questions not even asked yet? Grant did not trust him at all. And Grant was correct not to do so, but WHY?” –nomoloS

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, nomoloS’ new book is an apocalyptic political thriller that will leave readers guessing as to what and how Grant’s story will end.

Grant and his companions set out on a quest for knowledge and spiritual insight. They must rely upon a dark and mysterious figure known as the UniLeader, who cannot be trusted. In the end, they will learn how to ask and answer the most important question any man or woman, who have ever lived and will live, has to answer.

For readers who find solace in the message of this novel, author nomoloS asks them to pass along a copy of this book to the family members and friends they care about. He asks readers to share any thoughts and feeling about this book with Christian Faith Publishing, so he might use the feedback in the creation of the sequel.

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