Author M.C. DYE Releases ‘Assumptions Can Mislead’

The book “Assumptions Can Mislead” (published by Trafford Publishing) talks about assumptions and misunderstandings in health care and in our everyday lives that lead to misunderstandings, mistakes and tragic outcomes. Author M.C. DYE shares true stories to show how making incorrect assumptions can be avoided by health care professionals and the general public.

Because of its engaging topic and content, the book has already received multiple recognitions including: The Gold Seal of Literary Excellence from Trafford, The Eric Hoffer Award Excellence in Independent Publishing and a number of fine reviews from The US Review of Books and Kirkus Review.

“A stunning variety of true stories from health care and our daily lives show how we may believe and act on incorrect assumptions. It is striking how often premature closure from our beliefs and expectations can lead to misunderstandings, mistakes and tragic outcomes including deaths. This book is about us. We can learn to recognize our assumptions and get the story right,” Dye describes her book.

An excerpt from the book:

It’s difficult to recognize assumptions when assumptions are what we take for granted and accept as fact. But we need to try to recognize them if we want to be sure to get the story right.

“Assumptions Can Mislead”

By M. C. DYE

Softcover | 5.5×8.5 in | 246 pages | ISBN 9781466987692

E-Book | 246 pages | ISBN 9781466987708

Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Independent Bookstores

About the Author

M. C. DYE has a B.A. degree from Wellesley College, an M.N. degree and an M.S.N. degree from the Yale University School of Nursing. Her career has included: Associate Professor and Chair of the Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Program at the Yale University School of Nursing with a joint faculty appointment at the Connecticut Mental Health Center serving as clinician, clinical supervisor and psychotherapist on inpatient, outpatient and emergency services; Clinical Director of the Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, Office of the Northern New Hampshire Mental Health Center serving as administrator, supervisor, psychotherapist and clinician in emergency services; member of a professional delegation to the People’s Republic of China with the People to People…

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