Author James Oliver’s Newly Released “God Loves Mad Dogs And Greyhounds” Is A Book Of Free Verse Poems And Rhymes Based On One Man’s Experiences During The Vietnam War

“God Loves Mad Dogs And Greyhounds”: a collection of free verse poems and poetic rhymes based on author James Oliver’s war experiences and the power of God’s love. “God Loves Mad Dogs And Greyhounds” is the creation of published author, James Oliver. James was born in Hazard, Kentucky. Shortly after his birth, his parents, James and Clarice Oliver moved their young family to Ashland, KY. As the town’s motto suggests, “Where Coal Meets Iron,” Ashland is a small town known for its steel mills and sits on the banks of the mighty Ohio River. In 1966, James was hired by Armco Steel. Although he was well paid, he decided to serve his country and joined the US Army in 1967. He arrived in Vietnam on September 2, 1968. Oliver was a door gunner serving with the 240th Assault Helicopter Company. After leaving the Army, he resumed his career in 1971 with Armco Steel where he was a dedicated employee for a total of thirty-six years. In addition to his love of writing and reading, James has been a lifelong fan of the martial arts. He completed his black belt in Karate. James draws strength and inspiration from his daily readings of the Holy Bible. He still resides in Ashland, Kentucky on the same street that he spent his youth.

‘The “Maddogs” were the gun ships. The “Greyhounds” were the slicks that flew the infantry into their appointed destinations, evacuating men from harm’s way and getting fellow soldiers back to a safe land zone.’ –James Oliver

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, James Oliver’s new book is a collection of free verse poems and poetic rhymes based on the author’s experiences during the Vietnam War.

James was only twenty-one years old when he received his orders to report to Vietnam. Oliver was proud to have served his country. He was a soldier and helicopter door gunner during the Vietnam War. He saw combat on a daily basis. He went on numerous day and late-night classified missions with the 240th Assault Helicopter Company.

It was during one of these missions that James Henry Oliver Jr. had a life-changing combat experience. Oliver felt the presence of an angel as the hand of God shifted his helicopter out of harm’s way. It was this moment that changed his life forever and inspired his love of God. This…

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