Author Dr. Tracy Baker’s newly released “Cold Warrior Hell” recounts the Cold War experience from the perspective of an airman on the front line.

“Cold Warrior Hell”: the story of an Air Force Lieutenant who worked on the front line of America’s missile defense during the Cold War. “Cold Warrior Hell” is the creation of published author, Dr. Tracy Baker. Dr. Baker started his professional life as a US Air Force Second Lieutenant working as a Minuteman Missile Maintenance Officer during the peak years of the Cold War. He later became a Minuteman Missile Launch Officer. He then took on a variety of other jobs in the Air Force, which included teaching, as a Supply Officer, Fuels Officer, and Munitions Supply Officer. After leaving the military, finishing medical school, and twenty years as a Family Practice physician, he is now retired and taking on the endeavor of writing.

“The reader will note that the people described in the book are not super men or women, but normal people put into extraordinary situations by the circumstances of the Cold War. Due to the large variety of personalities involved and the extreme demands of the complex systems, circumstances are sometimes created that few if any fiction writers could create. The result is that the reader will, at times, be spellbound but always kept interested by the dramas presented. If the reader gets to laugh at times, that’s a plus!” –Dr.Tracy Baker

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Dr. Tracy Baker’s new book tells the story of a man whose job during the Cold War was to prepare and maintain America’s missiles for a nuclear war. The Cold War era was a time of international paranoia that created tremendous stress for the whole world. The experience of surprise attacks during WWII, combined with nuclear weapons, created the very real possibility of an unforeseeable attack that had drastically worse consequences than traditional…

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