Author Bishop R.V. Murray’s Newly Released “The Book of Sermons” is a Trove of Scripture-based Discourses From Years of Delivering God’s Word to Various Congregations

“The Book of Sermons”: a compilation of homilies offered to help Christian preachers with their own lessons from the pulpit. “The Book of Sermons” is the creation of published author Bishop R.V. Murray, a family man, science teacher whose passion for learning touches the lives of all his students, and minister who has served as pastor and assistant pastor of local church communities from Virginia to Oklahoma.

Bishop Murray shares, “After reading and becoming spiritually enriched with this Book of Sermons, you and your ministry will truly be blessed. These sermons, can be used in so many ways, such as: morning study topics, Bible study classes, a quick and powerful pick me up during your day, just a good sermon to cuddle up with before bedtime, or however the Holy Spirit will lead. Each of these topics is written with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. You’ll find these topics useful in everyday life and in your ministry. In these topics, you’ll find the recipe for victory, the keys to life and immortality, and Gods benefits for man, just to mention a few.

“For preachers on-the-go, it seems as though there is not enough time in a day. It seems you need more time to prepare a word for God’s people. These prepared sermons and sermonettes are a quick and powerful way to meet your demanding schedule; all you need is God’s word alone with his anointing. And each sermon will come alive and speak to your person, strengthening you, your witness, and your ministry. The Book of Sermons would make a wonderful gift for aspiring ministers, and preachers who have recently acknowledge their call to the ministry.”

Sermons such as “Just One Look Was All It Took,” “Jobs Are Available,” “Wake Up! There Is a Thief in the House,” “Power within Words,” and “The Awesomeness of God” are just a few this Book of Sermons is a must for every believer’s spiritual arsenal. Read, enjoy, and be blessed!

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Bishop R.V. Murray’s new book is an inspiring collection of sermons that can be used by other preachers in preparing their own lessons or as a personal Bible study and devotional.

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