AUHSD continues anti-parent crusade – Orange County Register

If they gave awards for the most anti-parent school district, the two districts that govern Anaheim’s schools would make a strong case for the dubious distinction.

Not to be outdone by the Anaheim Elementary School District, which for years has fought against parents at Palm Lane Elementary School who wished to turn the school into a charter school under the state’s “parent trigger” law, the Anaheim Union High School District intends to make it as difficult as possible for parents to take their children out of the district.

The district, “facing decreasing enrollment, is tightening its grip on students hoping to leave for other districts, denying more than 450 such requests this year,” the Register reported.

Appeals for those denials go to the Orange County Board of Education. Trustee Ken Williams said it was the most he’s seen in 22 years on the board, and Trustee Linda Lindholm called the district’s policy “unbelievable.”

But while the district admits the change is at least partially in response to declining enrollment, on which state funding is determined, it’s also because they know best. Because district officials also say that parents simply don’t realize how great the district is.

Even if that were true, if persuasion fails, the solution isn’t to hold students captive. Instead, AUHSD has tightened the screws, reducing the transfer period from around six months to five weeks, limiting what qualifies for a transfer, and, as the Register notes, imposing a rule “that requires that any request for an appeal be made to the district within seven days, and that the appeal can’t be filed electronically or by fax.”

This isn’t the first time AUHSD has taken a stand against parental choice, either. It has also proven to be unabashedly anti-charter, calling for a statewide moratorium on charter schools and hosting a private screening of a controversial documentary critical of charters that tries to tie some of them to a Turkish…

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