Attention Point and NEBA Health Announce Strategic Alliance Partnering to Improve ADHD Diagnosis and Management

Attention Point and NEBA Health announce today a collaboration to help improve ADHD diagnosis and management. Attention Point is a health IT company focused on improving the diagnosis and management of neurobehavioral health disorders. DefiniPoint is Attention Point’s suite of online ADHD assessment tools. NEBA Health helps clinicians, children and families by providing mental health and wellness products and services.

Currently there are at least 15 million people diagnosed with ADHD and more than 2 million evaluated each year in the US alone. NEBA Health and Attention Point look to improve the evaluation and ongoing management of individuals with ADHD by making their services more accessible to Clinicians, patients, and families affected by the disease.

“This strategic alliance is a great opportunity for NEBA Health and Attention Point to aid in ADHD assessment and management,” said Howard Merry, President of NEBA Health. Mr. Merry continued, “with our brainwave-based NEBA device and the information collected via DefiniPoint, we believe we can bring meaningful improvements to the assessment process.”

“At Attention Point we believe that technology can help clinicians more easily and accurately conduct ADHD assessments and provide better care for individuals diagnosed with ADHD,” stated Sam English, Ph.D., Founder and CEO of Attention Point. “By working with NEBA Health we believe together we can help the many children and adults that struggle with ADHD to lead a better and more productive life.”

When working to evaluate children and teens for ADHD, and to monitor their treatment over time, accurate and timely information is of paramount importance,” said David Rabiner, Ph.D., clinical psychologist, research professor, and senior associate dean at Duke University. “However, the information needed for these important tasks can be challenging to obtain. From a clinical perspective, I believe that the integrated use of NEBA and DefiniPoint can provide important tools that will help clinicians improve their ADHD evaluations and treatment management.”

“It’s important that we uncover new opportunities to use technology to improve health care, and Howard and I believe this collaboration will do that for the ADHD community,” said Dr. English. “Novel…

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