I don’t feel bad for conservatives at liberal colleges because they know the world doesn’t owe them a safe space. It’s the thin-skinned liberals who worry me.

As a young conservative, Zack Chambers has learned a valuable life lesson on Indiana University’s far left Bloomington campus.

Pick your shots.

“You have to choose which hill to fight on,” the 2015 Westfield High graduate said.

So one day, when an English professor called out students in class for not being more active in liberal causes, Chambers had to decide whether to challenge the instructor’s assumptions. He chose, probably wisely, to stay quiet.

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“You have professors here or there who are hostile to your world view. Some professors will go out of their way to insult conservatives and Republicans. That’s their right; the classroom is not a democracy,” Chambers said. “You just try to get through it, and you hope it won’t have an effect on grades.”

Still, Chambers, a junior in the Kelley School of Business, hasn’t put his beliefs on a shelf while at IU.

He’s the press secretary for the College Republicans. And he wrote columns for the Daily Student for three semesters, championing conservative ideas and challenging liberal orthodoxy.

His writing was occasionally blunt. 

A few days after Donald Trump was elected president, Chambers wrote a column for the student newspaper under the headline, “Make IU Great Again.” 

It began this way: “You win some, you lose some. Republicans learned this lesson in 2008 and 2012 when President Obama was handed the reins of power. However, it has become apparent that the masses of coddled, participation trophy hoarders on campus have yet to comprehend this themselves. Last Tuesday has led to what is perhaps the biggest public meltdown IU will ever experience. Classes were cancelled, safe spaces were established, tearful rallies occurred — this is not how functional adults deal with disappointment and defeat.”

Whoa, Zack, How did the “participation trophy hoarders” respond?

“You do get angry emails, but most students are apolitical,” he said. “Eighty percent of them are here to…