At Home Massage Techniques to Improve Wellness

As a massage therapist I can honestly say that I have too often gone long periods of time without getting a massage myself. I know… I recommend that clients with chronic or acute pain come at least every two weeks for the first month to two months and then every 3 weeks for maintenance. The 3 week rule applies for almost everyone I work on. At times I will find a client that has an extremely stressful job or home life and should come more often but for the most part with the techniques that I am about to teach you below you should stay relatively pain free.

Please keep in mind that these techniques should be done exactly as I tell you to do them. Much of what I am sharing are trigger-point therapy techniques that you can apply on yourself. With a little practice you will be able to relieve quite a bit of tension in your own muscles.

I first want to give you a brief overview of exactly is going on in your muscles that is causing you pain. If what you are experiencing is in fact muscular pain typically it is due to muscle “knots” that you feel just under you skin. If you have received a massage before you should be familiar with the problem areas that a therapist will sometimes focus on. It can feel quite painful at times but most of the time you should feel a kind of good pain. We still are not 100% sure what is going on within the musculature to cause these knots but what is most recently thought to be occurring is that there is an excess buildup of toxins within the muscle causing your nervous system to react to this increased tension.

These toxins come from the metabolic waste that is present in all muscle activity. When we are constantly repeating the same motions or not practicing good posture these muscles are constantly constricting and releasing toxins. When the muscles are too taught this prohibits proper circulation which is necessary to release these toxins into the lymphatic system where they are expelled from the body. Massage helps to break these muscle knots down, releasing the toxins and also increases circulation to help flush them from the body.

The technique that follows is not to be done halfheartedly. If you are doing to do this you need to commit to the time necessary to feel results. When I first started using this technique I was using just a regular tennis ball. The idea is that you position the tennis ball on the knot exactly and apply your body weight to that spot. It will feel pretty tender at first, when applying this…

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