Asset Panda’s New Asset Tag Store is Open for Business

Durable Asset Tags & Labels

Online shop gives customers access to reliable, sturdy labels that complement world’s most powerful mobile asset tracking platform, deliver bottom-line savings and efficiency.

Dallas-based Asset Panda, the most robust, user-friendly mobile asset tracking system in the world, has just launched Buy Asset Tags, an online store designed to give clients of every industry a means to manage their assets and inventory with durable, secure asset tags and labels. Officially opened on July 28, Buy Asset Tags makes it easy to shop for the custom tags and labels best-suited for the specific needs of your business. Products are available in a variety of materials like foil, aluminum, metal, plastic, polycarbonate and polyester and include options like tamper-evident, destructible, hanging and rearview mirror tags. Tags and labels are built to withstand harsh conditions including chemicals, solvents, abrasion and high temperatures. Whether your assets are in an office, manufacturing or production plant, a construction site or someplace else, Buy Asset Tags is your one-stop shop. Like Asset Panda, it’s based on the philosophy that customers need a powerful but simple and highly customizable way to track their resources any way they want.

Asset Panda is a powerful, highly intuitive mobile ecosystem that tracks assets and equipment throughout their respective lifecycles and closes the communication loop among stakeholders. Powered by free Android and iPhone/iPad apps that sync with the cloud, Asset Panda gives clients quick, easy and on-demand access to their data anywhere they are – and on devices they’re already using.

With Asset Panda’s completely customizable features offering, equipment owners can track where items are and what condition they’re in, generate automated reports about their assets, and have access to data needed by their accounting and compliance teams. More accurate data, in turn, guards against loss and waste, eliminates guesswork, results in lower property taxes and potentially lower insurance costs, and provides better support for end users. Equipment support staff are better able to track the location and condition of items, including the repair history and…

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