These are the women that will represent the U.S. in Pyeongchang, South Korea in February.

Three-time national figure skating champion Ashley Wagner said Wednesday that she does not regret criticizing the judges after finishing fourth at this year’s national championships, which left her off the Olympic team.

In an interview with the Today show on NBC, Wagner said she wouldn’t change the tone nor content of her remarks after last week’s competition, when she described herself as “absolutely furious” at the scores she received.

“I think I have a lot of experience in this sport, and I know what I consistently skate like and where I usually fall,” Wagner said Wednesday morning. “So I’m allowed to question things, but question things only in relation to myself. I think that these girls earned their spots, and I am so excited to be able to kind of take a step back and cheer on Team USA.

“I am so passionate about this sport, and I’ve been in the position where people have tried to take away my legitimacy for being on a team, and I would never want to do that to another athlete.”

Wagner, 26, was expected to be one of the faces of Team USA at the upcoming Olympics in Pyeongchang, but her fourth-place finish left her as the first alternate for the three-member team. She said Wednesday that she was “devastated” and “just heartbroken” in the immediate aftermath of the judging, when she received what she believed were unusually low marks for artistry.

While Wagner said she didn’t feel like she was singled out by the judges, she still has questions.

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“I think the only thing I question is my scores compared to my scores in the past,” Wagner said Wednesday. “I scored lower on the second mark in my short program than I did in a competition that I was injured at. Those are the things that I’m confused about, but the technical side I think was totally fair, and I ended up where I ended up.”

Though confused and heartbroken by the result, Wagner said she will be ready if called upon as an…