Ashleigh Hartley’s and Sarah Biekarck’s New Book “Never Tell An Angel” is About a Teenager’s Struggles Following the Death of his Boyfriend, and the Secrets he Uncovers

Ashleigh Hartley and Sarah Biekarck, best friends from a small town in upstate New York, have completed their new book “Never Tell An Angel”: a gripping tale about a teenager named Liam’s guilt over the death of his boyfriend, Elliott, and how a new romantic interest is helping him heal, but has secrets of his own.

According to Hartley and Biekarck, “The definition of darkness is a total absence of light, cold places where the sun has wrenched back its touch. Darkness holds the wickedness we fear, the boogeyman in our closet, the ghouls under our bed. Children are reassured over and over again that those kinds of monsters aren’t real, can’t be real, only learning to turn off their night-light because they are never told of the ones that are.”

Published by New York City-based Page Publishing, Ashleigh Hartley’s and Sarah Biekarck’s riveting tale explores the monsters that exist in real life; and the only monster eighteen-year-old Liam Stevens believes in is the one he feels he became when his boyfriend, Elliott, died in a car accident. It was Liam’s text he was reading after all. A year later, he still bears tremendous guilt. The tormenting high school bullies only seem more driven now that Elliott is gone. Liam assumes he deserves the abuse, thinking he doesn’t deserve light after snuffing it out. That is, until he meets Charlie.

Charlie is caring, genuine, and happy—all things Liam needs. But he also carries scars and a secret that makes him less of a stranger after all. While Liam is beginning to fall in love again, Charlie is trying not to, hiding the fact that the bullies have only been hurting Liam to get closer to Charlie. Because the truth is that darkness is hungry. A demon will do anything in its power to rid the world of the light it…

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