Arrest in Colorado may be connected to Indiana teens’ murders: Police Video

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Transcript for Arrest in Colorado may be connected to Indiana teens’ murders: Police

break in that murder mystery out of Indiana where two teenage girls were killed while hiking in February. Police say this man arrested in Colorado may be connected. Gio Benitez is here with the developments. Good morning George. The man was arrested driving a car with an expired license plate. Now questions about where he’s been and what he’s done. Reporter: It’s been seven months since the two Indiana girls were murdered while hiking on a nature trail. Before they died they recorded the voice of a man. Police say there may finally be a break in the case. Daniel nations was arrested outside Colorado Springs accused of threatened people with a hatchet on a hiking trail. Officials say he’s under investigation for the death of a psych list. Police are looking for connections between that and those deaths. We’re not going to give up. Reporter: Investigators discoved the young girls’ remains about a quarter of a mile from a railroad bridge. At this time police releasing this image of a suspect and this chilling audio, the suspect’s voice. Libby German’s family hoping police have finally caught her killer. We’re hopefully optimistic today is the day. It’s been a long seven months it will be a relief. Reporter: The mother of Abby Williams telling ABC news our family is hoping and praying that god’s got this and today is finally the day. We learned nations is a convicted sex offender. Officially in this case he was arrested for possession of a twep by a previous offender. So many questions to figure out if this guy did this crime. The family really wants to know. They do.

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{“id”:50149501,”title”:”Arrest in Colorado may be connected to Indiana teens’ murders: Police “,”duration”:”2:09″,”description”:”The arrest of Daniel Nations, 31, in Colorado is leading police there and in Indiana to look at similarities between the deaths of Abby Williams, 13, and Libby German, 14, whose remains were found near an abandoned railroad bridge in Delphi,…

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