Arming Art Students for Success

Infographic on the challenges facing art students.

This program provides art students and recent grads with an essential tool to make a living doing what they love

Artwork Archive, an online business tool for artists, has launched a program that empowers art students by giving them the tools they need to turn their passion and skills into a sustainable, life-long career.

Making a living as an artist has always been a challenge, but with historically astronomical tuition rates for art students, it is more difficult than ever. Two years after graduation, ninety-percent of art students are no longer working in the field and over fifty-five percent of those students carry significant debt.

“While most programs do a great job at covering the creative aspects of a career in art, not all spend time on the business aspects and oftentimes leave students unprepared,” says Justin Anthony, co-founder of Artwork Archive..

Even if programs do provide business courses, students are often left without the necessary support to run a successful business post graduation. Artwork Archive aims to help students make the transition from graduation to a professional career by providing ongoing and discounted business tools.

While Artwork Archive holds a long-standing reputation as the go-to business and inventory management product for established artists, the educational program makes those same professional tools accessible to students and recent graduates.

The program, now live at, is not your typical “student edition”. Students get access to all of the tools needed to develop a successful business, such as professional reporting, inventory management, invoicing, contact management, sales insights and a…

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