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Developers Studio Wildcard are close to launching the full version of ARK Survival Evolved, with the release date set for later this month.

Ahead of launchd day, there will be a few more changes made to the game.

A new patch is set to be released mid-month that will include new dinos, as well as another exciting new console feature.

Soon, PS4 and Xbox One players will be able to rent PC dedicated servers for consoles, which is being offered as a service through third-party hosts.

It will remove the need for a second console, as well as giving complete access to all of ARKs custom server config settings, which will let players change the rules on their custom ARKs

Those who have existing games will be able to transfer over their Legacy save files to take advantage of this new option.

Going back to the ARK Survival Evolved arriving soon, Studio Wildcard have confirmed they hope to erradicate some of the worst exploits in the game.

“We will be releasing a major version update in the middle of the month which will significantly assist with DDoS mitigation, resolve the exploit which has allowed players to dupe, and of course not to be forgotten, but allow players to rent PC-dedicated Console Servers,” a message from Wildcard explains.

“We’re also going to create an option to stop creatures from following you with their big heads (we’d do this one sooner, but it requires a major version update, so we thought it best come with the other significant changes mentioned above.

“Not to mention, we’ll be taking care of server crash-exploits as and when they happen, working on server performance so that you will have a smoother and stable experience.”

Currently, there’s only a hint of what will be coming next, official patch notes can be found below:

  • Boss Wars
  • More Creatures, Gear, Armors, Weapons, & Structures
  • DirectX12 Mode for Windows 10! Approximate +20% perf 
  • Random GPU Driver crash fix: TrueSky
  • GPU & CPU rendering optimizations

The new update won’t include the ARK Ragnarok mod, which has seen its launch pushed back.

“Ragnarok’s new release date on console and upcoming PC update will now also be the 29th of August,” a statement from Wildcard confirms.

“This extended time will allow further development of the map and you guys can expect a gigantic update, even bigger than we initially thought.

“On the date of release, the overground of the world will increase by approximately one quarter, which is near-enough a ‘TheIsland-sized’ expansion; the update will…

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