Arianne Brown: It’s well worth the hike to Calf Creek Falls

Arianne Brown

Ariane Brown’s family plays in the water at Calf Creek Falls.

This past Father’s Day weekend, we were visiting the always beautiful Bryce Canyon National Park in southern Utah so that we could take advantage of the many outdoor exploring adventures. One such adventure we planned was Calf Creek Falls just outside of Boulder, Garfield County, about an hour away from Bryce.

Both my husband and I had not only seen breathtaking photos of the waterfall cascading into a large, natural swimming pool, but we had also heard how awesome it was from trusted friends and family.

We were excited for our Father’s Day adventure that would take us on a nearly 3-mile (6 miles round trip) trek through the desert to a one-of-a-kind waterfall. And despite this being “another hike,” the kids were actually pretty happy and full of energy as we ventured out on the warm sand.

It wasn’t long, however, before the excitement began to dissipate along with the warm sand that was only getting hotter with the complete absence of any shade along the way. The promise of cool water to swim in seemed nothing more than wishful thinking as we continued on a speed that felt like we were standing still or, at times, going backward.

I began cursing my ambition as I wondered why I thought it was a good idea to do this the day after running a 50K in the same hot…

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