Are You Leading Or Following?

I want you to know that minding my own business jump-started my business.  Are you wondering “Hmmm, what does she mean?”  Well, I shall share (you knew I would).  I used to live my life being afraid of what ‘other people’ would say to me and about me – so, when making decisions about my life (my business) I always made choices based on pleasing everyone around me.  I was following those I lovingly call ‘other people’.  And as you probably figured out, I was very unhappy.  After much ado, I finally began to mind my own business and make my life choices based on what I would be satisfied doing and what I wanted my life to look like.  I began to lead – at last!

And so the transformation began – choices made by me, for me.  First, I left a really bad working environment, then I decided to go to coaching school, and then I decided to use my skills and experience to begin a business (as in working for myself).  By minding my own business — taking care of my needs and wants — I jumped-started my new career based on making choices for myself and for my business.  I am leading myself to success by no longer following others!

So where can you apply this lesson to your life?  ANYWHERE.  You don’t have to have a business; it’s all about your life.

Let’s use weight loss for an example.  Have you been wanting to lose weight yet have not been taking the steps to reach your goal?  Maybe you are doing things that ‘other people’ are doing (i.e. following) such as Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, or any other program geared toward weight loss.  While that may work for some, it might not be working for you.  That’s okay because everyone is different!  You need to look at what would work for you by asking yourself questions such as: What is it I want to get out of this?  How does this program fit into my life?  When this is over, what do I want my life to look like?

Following other people is often what keeps us stuck in place.  Yes, it can be…

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