Are you interested in becoming a certified retirement coach?


Retirement Options™ is a first-class training company for retirement coaches

Retirement Options™, a wholly owned subsidiary of Career Partners International, is the leading global provider of retirement coach certification and retirement readiness assessments, and will host a complimentary webinar on the benefits of the training program to become a certified Retirement Coach on Friday, December 15th at 12:00pm EST (US).

The complimentary webinar, which is one of several held each year by Retirement Options™, provides attendees with an introduction to the Retirement Options™ Certification Course as well as exposure to the Retirement Success Profile™ and LifeOptions Profile™, two assessments specifically designed to assess retirement readiness.

Using these scientifically designed and validated assessments along with other tools made available through the course, Retirement Options™ Certified Coaches have successfully assisted thousands of individuals to prepare for retirement. The assessments and coaching help individuals and couples explore areas of their lives such as work, family, leisure, wellness, and personal development to ensure proper preparedness for this major life transition. Retirement Options™ Certified Coaches are experts on the subject of retirement and are consulted regularly on effectively navigating this major life change.


“The Retirement Options™ Certified Coaching course is a very well structured and thoroughly comprehensive course ideal for those of thinking of moving into Retirement Coaching. As the retirement population continues to grow year on year the need for well-trained coaches to assist people to transition will also need to grow as well to meet this demand. Retirement Options™ is a first-class training company for retirement coaches.” – Derek Dolan Retirement Options™ Certified Retirement Coach

Those seeking to join the global pool of retirement transition coaches certified by Retirement Options™ must complete a 10-week certification course. The course provides in-depth training to ensure coaches are well-versed in the delivery and use of the Retirement Success Profile™ and LifeOptions Profile™. The next webinar…

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