Are Star Trek and Star Wars actually the same, or vastly different rivals?


The original “Star Trek” series is celebrated in a new documentary, “50 Years of Star Trek,” now on DVD.

SALT LAKE CITY — Star Wars and Star Trek have operated in different mediums for 40 years. They’ve had different stories, characters and taken us to different planets and galaxies among the stars.

But are they the same in more ways than we think?

At the 2017 Salt Lake City Comic Con, five panelists debated how the two franchises actually can work together, admitting that there is no major rivalry between the two entities. They said that fans can build themselves better lives when they watch or pay attention to both Star Wars and Star Trek.

Leigh George Kade, who appears on the Geek Show podcast, said there’s this misconception that the two stories are rivalries and, therefore, vastly different.

Kade said the rivalry was born of “petty tribalism.”

“Love your geekdom and don’t worry about it,” he said. “We’re better off with both of them.”

Holly Frey, host of the Stuff You Missed in History Class and Full of Sith podcasts, said people outside the fandom think there’s this rivalry and disparity problem, but among fans, there isn’t a problem at all.

“I really do think it’s a construct built completely (outside) of fandom,” she said.

In fact, Cameron McVey, science fiction author, said both series are one in the same. They’re both post-World War II, trying to tell different depictions of how to rebuild human civilizations.

But Larry Nemecek, expert on Star Trek and editor of Star Trek magazine, said this shows a difference between the two series. While Star Trek is optimistic, showing characters who are searching for a greater future, Star Wars is looking to return to glory.

Nemecek said Star Trek characters have built a society where they can search for planets and new civilizations because they have a society.

But in Star Wars, people are trying to find optimism that once existed, while Star Trek is trying to keep its optimism going.

“It’s about optimism and the human…

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